How often has a leader been promoted to their position without any formalized leadership training?  I know in my career I've seen it (and done it!) so many times.  We have a strong employee who does their job well and we feel they are the right person to teach and mentor others in their line of work.  

The problem is: we never taught them how to LEAD!  

Leadership is its own skill set requiring additional learning, support, and mentorship to be successful.

If we don't invest in our leaders, it can have detrimental impact to our teams and a huge financial loss to the organization. 

Lack of strong leadership skills can lead to:

  High staff turnover

Leader burnout

 Unproductive teams

Wasted time and energy

Higher cost/ lower returns

By investing in your leaders, they will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead teams through uncertainty, organizational changes and create a highly reliable system of increased returns which will point directly towards achieving your goals

This investment in your leaders will help give them the tools to show up every day ready to create the culture you want for your business, which will in turn show the team they can trust and respect the leadership team. 

With trust and respect comes commitment, alignment, and will lead to achievements beyond your initial goals and aspirations.

Our program, which focuses on providing practical tools and a well-rounded approach, can be applied to any leadership scenario.  Our goal is to prepare your leaders for whatever may come their way, no matter your industry or the status of your team.   By partnering with horses, we provide an opportunity to practice these skills real-time, and receive immediate feedback on our progress.  

To read more about why we partner with horses, click the link below.

Learning to Lead - Introductory Leadership Course

 Offered online and in person, this course provides the foundational training needed to be a successful leader in any scenario and any field at all levels of leadership from supervisor to CEO, there is something for everyone in this course.

Online Program- 12 courses at your pace

In-person- 2 day workshop

Finding Your Stride - Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

 Offered virtually and in person, this coaching package of 12 sessions provides an opportunity for seasoned leaders to go deeper with their skills.  Offered in a private one-on-one setting, the leader has an opportunity to work through specific scenarios unique to them to get the most out of their time and experience. Flexible scheduling options available.

Virtual one-on-one Sessions

In person one-on-one sessions

Building the Herd - Creating Cohesion in the Team

Offered in person at the Spirit2Spirit facility or customized to fit your place of business, these offerings provide an opportunity for leaders to help their teams find cohesion and collaboration through working with the horses in team-based activities, and then take that learning back to the office to provide support for sustained success.  Contact us to learn more about pricing and how we can customize a program around your specific goals.

In Person Team Building at Spirit2Spirit

Team building and Leadership Support at your office

  • Spirit2Spirit

    “Sonia's leadership retreat was amazing. I gained so much insight into myself and how I show up in the world. Her approach to teaching was clear, concise, and memorable. She provided space for listening, learning, reflecting, and putting the concepts into practice with the horses in a way that brings the teachings to life like no other experience....I can't wait to come back for more!”

    Editor, Business Owner

  • Spirit2Spirit

    “If you have ever wanted to work on your leadership skills, this is the one! No conference room with 50 plus people listening to a lecture. You are part of a small group that gets to engage with your facilitator and learn from beautiful horses. I got more out of this event than any other leadership training I ever went to!”

    Accountant, Business Owner

  • Spirit2Spirit

    “I learned so very much about myself and how my energy can and will be interpreted by everyone in my surroundings. The tools that I have learned are applicable to work, home, and everyday interaction with life. Totally out of my element and learned how to deal with fear, anxiety, self-doubt and indecisiveness. Recommended for all who are willing to grow and expand their existence. ”

    Surgical Scheduling Team Lead