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Spirit2Spirit is an Equine Facilitated Coaching Center focused on helping individuals achieve their personal and business-related goals through Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) methods by providing tools and methods to successfully lead with confidence. In partnering with horses, we are able to receive immediate feedback through their response to our interactions with them, providing an opportunity to observe real-life examples of key leadership concepts.


Sonia is a Masters prepared RN with over 15 years of leadership experience. Her career has been focused on systems level leadership through building strong dynamic and collaborative teams. Sonia brings a wealth of leadership knowledge to her herd, and credits her 30 years of partnering with horses to her success as a leader. "I have learned more about leadership from my horses than I ever did in my years of study and practice in the medical field." Sonia leads teams as well as individuals through her unique leadership training method to utilize the horses as a living example of team dynamics. Horses are intuitive and energetic beings capable of feeling the energy of those around them, which provides immediate feedback to the participants on how they are connecting and leading in the moment.


We focus on the concept of 4 key leadership "types" feeding our own unique way of showing up and leading teams.  By evaluating our strengths and weaknesses as leaders along the continuum of Directive and Receptive energy, we can begin to develop those areas which are not as dominant for us to become a more well- rounded leader who is equipped to face practically any scenario.  You will also learn about the "5 C's" and how each of them is a tool needed to execute every task, every time.  All of these concepts will be learned in partnership with horses.

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  • Spirit2Spirit

    “Sonia's leadership retreat was amazing. I gained so much insight into myself and how I show up in the world. Her approach to teaching was clear, concise, and memorable. She provided space for listening, learning, reflecting, and putting the concepts into practice with the horses in a way that brings the teachings to life like no other experience....I can't wait to come back for more!”

    Editor, Business Owner

  • Spirit2Spirit

    “If you have ever wanted to work on your leadership skills, this is the one! No conference room with 50 plus people listening to a lecture. You are part of a small group that gets to engage with your facilitator and learn from beautiful horses. I got more out of this event than any other leadership training I ever went to!”

    Accountant, Business Owner

  • Spirit2Spirit

    “I learned so very much about myself and how my energy can and will be interpreted by everyone in my surroundings. The tools that I have learned are applicable to work, home, and everyday interaction with life. Totally out of my element and learned how to deal with fear, anxiety, self-doubt and indecisiveness. Recommended for all who are willing to grow and expand their existence. ”

    Surgical Scheduling Team Lead