Wellness Retreat at Spirit2Spirit Hosted by Resonance Healing

When was the last time you made yourself a priority?

We all live in a busy and distracted world. From the demands placed on our time, to the expectations we have for ourselves; we can often get lost in the daily task lists and deadlines. 

What happened to living our lives with purpose? Where are the deep connections with ourselves and others that we long for?  When was the last time you carved out space for yourself to just pause, reflect, and breathe?

We must make it a priority to pause and to carve out time to connect back with ourselves.  This is essential to our ability to deepen our connection to others, and to allow our gifts, strengths, and purpose shine through in our lives. 

Our healing retreats focus on our personal journey to self-healing, empowerment, and deepening our connection to our purpose so we can show up fully for ourselves and our loved ones. 

You will spend the day at the Spirit2Spirit facility with Sonia as your guide to create a safe environment for connection to nature, to ourselves, and to others.   We will spend time outdoors, among the trees, and with a small herd of horses.  

During our time together, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on what has led you to this space, what calls to you internally asking to be let out, and what is the path forward which will aid you in connecting to your purpose.  

Many of the activities throughout the day allow for time to reflect, to share, and to interact with nature and animals.   You will be taken on a guided meditation,  given an opportunity to experience sound healing, provided space to be inspired by what you see around you, and experience the magical connection with horses to learn from their wisdom.  They are masterful teachers and will provide feedback on how we show up energetically and participate in the "herd" of our lives. 

Overall, you can expect to leave at the end of the day with a deeper understanding of how to connect in a meaningful way which relies on your strengths, gifts, and passions.  You will have a renewed sense of your purpose and what skills and abilities are being called forward to aid your connection to those around you. 

Through this experience you will learn ways to heal yourself, your relationships, and have tools to aid you in living your purpose.