Personal Coaching


Thank you for your interest in personal coaching!  When you invest in your growth as a person, whether a leader by profession or not, you are contributing to your impact and influence in your life in a profound way.  You are choosing to examine what parts of your life you wish to keep and what parts you are ready to let go of to make room for new experiences and insights.

Even if you are not a leader in your place of employment, leadership skills are based in emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal relationship building.  All of these skills can benefit us in every aspect of our lives, in particular when we are looking at making a shift, refocusing on a goal, or moving through a difficult transition. 

Each coaching package includes 12 sessions which can be used over the course of a year.   If you need additional sessions we can discuss pricing for add-on, or you can simply renew the 12 session package. Our first call will be no-charge as we will review your needs and your goals as well as determine a schedule and a format that works best.  We can meet in person or virtually, and the frequency is based on the pace needed for your specific goals.  

I look forward to meeting you,